About Tantric Massage

What is tantric massage?

So, it’s more than an erotic massage – but how, exactly?

‘With roots based in ancient therapy yet with a modern twist, tantric massage enables you to connect with your partner in a more spiritual and conscious way, making relaxation and tranquillity the ultimate destination,’ explains Nadia Deen, cofounder of The Intimology. ‘It’s not “one size fits all” – instead, it’s about being present in the moment, and accepting ourselves and each other without judgement. Engaging all your chakras and using the transference of energy, tantric massage can be a deeply satisfying experience for both parties.’

Sex and intimacy coach, Camilla Constance, agrees that being present and nonjudgemental is key to enable the receiver to drop into deep relaxation.

‘A tantric massage is a full-body massage that arouses sexual energy in the receiver and then consciously moves that energy around the body,’ she explains. ‘It’s a beautiful way to experience the tantric approach to sex, where it is not about the goal or outcome, but about every moment of sensation and pleasure on the way. Because of the level of relaxation that the receiver is able to fall into, as sexual energy builds it isn’t forced out of the body in a brief climax, but is able to move around the body growing into incredible, full-bodied orgasms. When conscious breathing is added, the level of energy increases and the experience is further heightened.

         Tantric massage benefits:

As well as offering a safe space to explore each other without pressure or judgement, tantric massage has other powerful benefits.

‘Apart from finding a new and deeper intimacy with your partner(s), there are many other health benefits,’ reveals Deen. She says these include:

  • Improving your sexual stamina

  • Improving the quality of your orgasms

  • Helping to ease pain

  • Providing stress relief

  • Improving sleep

  • A good step towards healing emotional blockages

  • Assisting in spiritual awakening